Important Health Information

 Flesh eating germs on the rise! Doctors Warn:

Dangerous drug-resistant staph infections are showing up at an alarming rate outside hospitals and nursing homes in the United States.

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 Just half of the country rests well every night, poll finds:

Lack of sleep is leaving Americans with deteriorating productivity, dangerous driving practices and too little sex.

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10 Essential Health Tips.

(The Basics to Practice Every Day)

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  Disorder of the Decade!

Everyone feels self-conscious occasionally. Many folks would rather die than give a speech or introduce themselves to a stranger. But a number of Americans harbor an irrational fear that their social performance is being carefully monitored and criticized by others all the time. As a result, these shy-meisters will go to great lengths to avoid eating, drinking, speaking, or even writing in public.

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  Worrywarts May Be Prone to Alzheimer's

Constant Worry May Raise Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

The stress of being a worrywart may more than double your chances of developing Alzheimer's disease, according to new research.

The study showed that older people prone to constant worry were 2.4 times more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease over the next few years than non-worriers. The link between distress and Alzheimer's disease appears to be stronger in whites than in African-Americans.

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